Five Bar


Okay, if you’re ever in Athens, GA and looking for the best avocado dish, I have you covered. It’s actually quite hard to tell that this interesting, savory snack in the picture above is a baked avocado…emphasis on BAKED AVOCADO. Besides being incredibly delicious, the baked avocado at Five Bar also has bacon and shrimp hidden inside! The combination of bacon, shrimp, spicy mayo, along with a side salad makes for an amazing and filling snack or appetizer. I highly advise every person to come and try this, even if avocado’s aren’t your main hobby in life.

Five Bar is a classic go-to restaurant before a night out in Athens, with good vibes and a lively atmosphere. It is also located in Alabama, (Mobile, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa), as well as in Tennessee, (Nashville and Chattanooga). Five-Bar’s homepage has a link for each city’s page, which is all tied back to the same first link here. They do a fine job of linking each restaurant’s site easily back to the main webpage as well as creating the exact same aesthetics and brand theme across each page. However, with their social media handles, they should have only one account on each social channel. With various Instagram accounts and Facebook pages based on location, Five Bar is not attracting as strong of follower base as they could be. Having each Instagram feed on each city’s website is definitely a smart tactic for consumer conversion, however they should instead just have local pictures on the webpage, with a link to its main Instagram available. By creating uniformity, Five Bar should rethink its social media strategy in order to grow a larger consumer base. Everything else they are doing, including promotions, weekly specials, events, and deal, is working great. They have updated posts that consist of high quality photos and valuable information. Other than their social channels being a bit too scattered, Five Bar is doing a great job of branding themselves in the digital marketing world!


Kale Me Crazy


If you live in Georgia and have any interest whatsoever in a healthy lifestyle, you have most likely heard of or have been to Kale Me Crazy. A rapidly growing chain of superfood cafe’s, Kale Me Crazy has recently expanded all over Georgia in over 9 locations with 2 more coming soon, as well as one cafe in Cary, North Carolina and another coming soon to Ridgeland, Mississippi.

With two locations right near my house, I have tried many of their smoothies and juices, a few of their wraps and salads, and their famous deluxe acai bowl. When I found out they were going to start selling avocado toast, I immediately freaked out. I made it a point to go try it out on my next visit home, and I did just that in order to rank yet another avocado toast for all of the avo-lovers out there. The toast was served on Ezekiel bread with avocado, scallion mix, dijon mustard, and organic hard boiled egg. Easy to say it was very delicious and not a mess at all with a hard boiled egg instead of the usual egg cooked over-easy. The scallion mix with the dijon mustard made it a very distinct and savory toast, different from others in a good way. Still not better than Joy Cafe’s avocado toast, but you definitely can’t go wrong with Kale Me Crazy’s.

Kale Me Crazy has done a very good job of branding themselves as a quick cafe that promotes eating real, organic, and raw food that everyone has quick and easy access to. They are increasingly able to meet the high demands for healthy food on-the-go. A plethora of information can be found on their main website here. Right when you get to the site, the first thing one sees is a well-executed and high-quality video promoting their products in ideal, healthy lifestyle settings. This video is the best way to keep consumers attention and will most likely lead to consumer conversion, as digital displays are extremely attractive and have a longer lasting affect on potential customers. With nutritional information on all of their menu items, healthy catering options, press news, franchising opportunities, and online ordering capabilities, their website is aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable. The homepage is 100% succeeding at its digital marketing, however the social handles need a bit of work

On their website, it is a bit more challenging to find the links to Kale Me Crazy’s Facebook page, twitter account, and Google plus page. The links are shown only at the very bottom of the website, and they are small in text and dark in color, making them hard to find. The fourth handle from the right doesn’t open any page, their google plus page has no posts, and they have no link to their Instagram account. Their Facebook and Twitter pages look alright as there is constant, updated, and relevant content being produced with consumer engagement as well. However, their Instagram has the most influence with over 22,000 followers and beautiful feed of drool-worthy, professional photos of their food and drinks. Their Instagram should immediately be linked on their homepage, as they would acquire a much larger following base and attain higher conversion rates. Overall, Kale Me Crazy is doing a great job of using digital marketing to help expand their business, but they could do a better job of using their social handles to fuel their business growth to its full potential.

Casa Mezcal

20429990_10212077342763046_8423420364413609595_nCraving a Mexican dish with tons of avocado? Read this post. This summer I visited NYC, where many of my friends were interning. With a planned-out itinerary created by a friend who did her research on the city’s top trending places, we proceeded to our first dinner of the trip at Casa Mezcal, a restaurant my friend has been dying to go to for a long time.

Through its distinct dining experience, Casa Mezcal has an incredible environment with the spanish and mezcal theme surrounding one’s experience, low dim lights with loud, fun music paired with the busy murmur of people conversing and socializing, and the three different floors that have so many things going on: including birthday parties, fundraising events, art shows, weddings, and comedy and live music performances that are hosted very often.

Casa Mezcal was born to be a host of great food but also a house for Los Amantes, a brand of a high class Mezcal created by Carballido and Olguin. And of course, their mezcal drinks were quite incredible; I definitely had the best margarita of my life here. They have such a wide variety of mezcal and tequila with creative drinks like mezcal martnis and mezcal mojitos to name just a couple. My dish, the Tlayuda, was a specialty on the menu and was so amazing. The Tlayuda was a large, thin toasted corn tortilla with black beans, Oaxacan cheese, tomato, and jalapeños topped with fresh, thick, and creamy slices of avocado. I ordered it with extra vegetables and guac on the side; (had to increase my avocado intake of course). It was a large portion that was perfect for if you are really hungry like I was, and if not, definitely split it with a friend!

Onto Casa Mezcal’s digital marketing strategy. First things first, when I searched mezcal restaurants in New York City, Casa Mezcal was the first restaurant to pop up. They are doing an excellent job using search engine optimization and branding with the right keywords through their core foundation (mezcal). Their main website can be found here, where their Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels are easily found and accessible. Their website has all of the information consumers are looking for, but it could definitely be re-vamped and updated in its design and layout. Their Instagram is on-point with their perfectly photographed food and drink pictures, as well as news, events, and happenings at their restaurant. Instagram was how my friend came to find Casa Mezcal, as they have tons of customer pictures with their location tagged, over 1,000 followers, and popular pictures of creative cocktails that popped up on her “Explore” page. Their Youtube page has videos from 5 years ago as the most recent, which should definitely be updated soon. However, their Facebook page has the most followers with about 8,400 people who have liked their page and about 8,300 that actually follow them, indicating a very loyal liker-to-follower ratio. With 328 reviews and a 4.4 star rating, their Facebook page is another great way of seeing videos and updates on the latest at their restaurant. Hope you all get the chance to come here!


IMG_0340Good morning and happy Saturday! Today’s post is on a new restaurant that just opened up in Atlanta in west midtown. It’s called Upbeet, and it’s a fast-casual eatery that was created by Young + Hungry, the same team who created Yeah! Burger. Their main value is to provide customers with convenient, clean, and nutritious food through sustainable food and business practices. Their wide variety of organic, fresh food has something for everyone. From build-your-own grain bowls to smoothies to superfood lattes, you can find any healthy food item you’re looking for. From a wide variety of sweet and savory toasts, placing your order can be a very hard decision. But (obviously) I went with the classic avocado toast. This toast is another reason why “less is more” prevails yet again. Made only with avocado, lemon squeeze, red pepper flakes, olive oil, and sea salt, this toast is simple and delectable all at once. You can choose to have it on sprouted wheat or make it gluten free with udi’s gluten-free millet-chia bread. Upgrades for just an extra dollar include a cage-free egg or gluten free granola.

As a very new restaurant opening up only a few months ago, Upbeet has done a good job of using social media, especially Instagram, to brand themselves. With not much information on their main website, their content marketing can be seen more through their photos of food. Their Instagram page is an artistic collection of beautiful photos representing their values, target audience, and decorative dishes. With almost 6,000 followers and 93 posts, Upbeet’s Instagram account has turned into a great platform for their home base of content marketing. It markets their brands values, goals, and overall positioning in a unique, creative way. You can also find Upbeet on Twitter and Facebook. They could, however, do a better job of engaging with consumers by providing more opportunities for reviews, onions, and suggestions with constant feedback. But for such a young company, they have done a great job of defining who they are, what they believe in, and who their target market is. Once their website grows more, they can use their Instagram account to increase consumer conversion and customer loyalty. Hope you all can check this place out!

Taqueria del Sol

1609728_10201994913549364_7122122008644463322_nIMG_5746Just got back from lunch and immediately grabbed my computer to post. You can always find me ordering EXTRA guacamole at any Mexican restaurant, and I almost forgot about my favorite spot for guacamole: Taqueria Del Sol! I come here so often that it’s become a second home to me. I go for a quick snack or meal as it’s just a short walk away from where I live. For all you Avo and Guac fanatics, if you haven’t already been there, you need to go to Taq ASAP. Their guac is the perfect balance of fresh avocado chunks and creamy guacamole dip, and it’s made with only a few ingredients like tomato, lemon, and sea salt for a simple, authentic, and delicious taste. The theme less is more definitely succeeds here. Combined with a salsa and queso starter, this trio makes for a picture-perfect overhead shot for your classic Taq spread that you can never go wrong with. For those who have been to Taqueria del Sol, what’s your favorite starter? I’d love to hear people’s favorite dishes at Taq, as well as what restaurants make your favorite guacamole dips!


Located in Tennessee, (Nashville only), and in Georgia, Taqueria del Sol is on the path to growing more locations. At every single Taq you can find a huge line of people that moves very quickly, since it’s THAT popular for people living near and those who make the long drive for it. Digitally, Taqueria del Sol does a good job with informing customers on their website through their weekly newsletter with their weekly specials, their catering opportunities which are extremely popular, and their social handles, (Facebook and Twitter), that are different for each of the two states. Because it started in Georgia, they have about 6,000 followers on Georgia’s Facebook page, while Tennessee’s Facebook has about 1,200. Twitter is relatively the same; Tennessee has about 1,200 followers and Georgia has almost 4,500 followers. Taqueria del Sol is definitely a growing restaurant chain, as it not so long ago only had one location. This goes along with their social media; they have a lot of growing to do. Their social handles are mainly used for getting out the weekly specials instead of creating other content that’s relative to what’s going on in our world or locally. They could do a much better job of consumer engagement through more frequent posts about topics consumers want to hear about, (which the Georgia Twitter platform does a great job of). I believe the different handles for different locations should be merged into one main platform that’s easier and more accessible for people to find and use, in order for Taq to create a stronger, more centralized brand. Being local is great, but through social media using many different accounts can get tricky. Taqueria del Sol should focus on their main brand positioning and target market to grow their locations and market share!

Brunch & Cake

IMG_2248Hola friends! My post for you this week is by far the craziest avocado dish I’ve ever eaten, and as you can see in the photo above this bowl of colors isn’t your normal avocado toast. To be quite honest, I thought it looked like a little rainbow garden when it came out. But that is what this restaurant we visited is known for: dishes that are all works of art and almost too pretty to eat!

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Brunch & Cake is the most hyped up brunch spot in the city, as I had about ten people tell me I could not leave Barcelona without a visit here. However, since it is a very popular and busy place, they are well known for their long line. I would advise coming here as early as possible or to be prepared in advance for the crowd. But, it’s definitely worth the wait. Brunch & Cake is a healthy, trendy place where one can get organic coffee, peanut butter lattes, superfoods and salads, acai bowls, and even poached eggs on charcoal waffles! It’s an insane menu with twists on classic meals and dishes you could never even imagine! My meal was a delicious avocado toast garnished with sprouts, muesli, coconut shreds, with pink poached eggs on the sides that really filled me up. For all foodies out there; this place is a must.

Now onto Brunch & Cake’s digital media presence, which is outstanding considering they’re located in just one city and have people coming to experience their restaurant from all around the world. Cup & Cake is the main brand in Barcelona that brought dessert to an all new level in Barcelona, and they proceeded to open up restaurants with more artisanal savory food that included their incredible sweet desserts on each menu. They have a younger sister restaurant known as Cup & Cake Tallers, and three other restaurants called Brunch & Cake, (the most famous where I went), Brunch & Cake by the Sea, and Travel & Cake. Their social media presence can be seen on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. To hear more about customer experience, Brunch and Cake has strong consumer feedback experiences on Yelp and TripAdvisor. On their Yelp page over 1,000 photos and 500 reviews can be found. Cup & Cake has over 140,000 people following their Facebook page, and 45.7K followers on their Instagram. Their Instagram is definitely the most popular form of social for them, as its the place for posting beautiful plating of their dishes that look out-of-this-world good. Food instagrams are trending so much right now, and millennials are all over it. Foodies and bloggers from all around the world have to come here for a food photo. Lastly, their website shows their brand, philosophy, and event and catering opportunities. As a brand in Barcelona, they do an incredible job of making their social media and digital presence easily accessible, understandable, and attractive to people all over the world who have been awed by their beautiful creations.

Joy Cafe

IMG_0088Good morning friends and happy Monday! I have a very exciting blog post today because it is about the best avocado toast I have ever had in my ENTIRE life! This is a very bold statement I know; but I have yet to find any avo dish that beats this one from Joy Cafe in Atlanta this past summer.

As you can see in the featured photo above, the avocado toast could not have been plated any more beautifully, (and this was taken on a regular iPhone 5).  As seen on their brunch menu, the avocado toast comes served on artisanal sourdough toast with chunky guacamole, chopped tomatoes, feta, parsley, watermelon radish, and soft poached egg to top it off. It was by far the best portion size, richest, and most savory avocado toast I have ever had. The feta and tomatoes were a perfect complement to the chunky guacamole, while the bread was thick fluffy, and tasted like you were eating a soft sandwich rather than a crispy, thin piece of toast. While in Atlanta you all MUST come here!

Joy Cafe has done a fantastic job of branding themselves in Atlanta, where they have recently opened up a second location in Midtown. With their slogan, “Made with love, served with joy,” they create a friendly and warm home-made experience, with delicious, fresh recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. The owners story is very sweet and centered around family. Here you can see their blog, menu, social media links, and everything you’d want to learn about this unique restaurant. Through social media, they incorporate their website, Facebook page, Instagram account, and twitter to connect with consumers and increase their following and branding. With over 4,000 people checking in on Facebook at Joy Cafe and over 2,500 instagram followers, Joy Cafe is building a loyal group of followers at a fast rate for just one local brand with only two locations. With updated posts of food, funny pictures of employees and other relevant jokes, as well as posts concerning charities and local news, Joy Cafe is constantly engaging with consumers through social media. They have successfully accomplished the 80/20 rule by mostly posting about what consumers want to see and hear, and rarely posting to simply promote their own business. Joy Cafe is able to build this strong consumer base by uniquely identifying their brand as a second home where family, love, and fresh food is what matters. By positioning themselves in a way that differentiates themselves from the millions of other restaurants in Atlanta, they are able to match consumers’ values and create trustworthy relationships.